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Exercises For Every One

Exercises For Pregnant

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In 1983 Adnan Tarsha became the first sport man in the Arab World who produced two exercises programs on the Videotapes, this work was the first of this kind in the Arab World, both programs were by his preparing and presenting and directing, he produced them in Denmark. The titles of these programs are: 

1- Exercises for Everyone.      

2- Exercises for Pregnant. 

Each one of these program enclosed with an explaining book wrote by him. Several press reports wrote about these programs and published in several magazines.

This two programs encourage him to present this idea to the Saudi TV station who liked it and agreed about his TV program, so he also presented the first sport program of this kind in the Saudi TV, and its title was "Come & Train". See the special page  

Exercises for Every One

Face cover of the book

Back cover of the book



Exercises for Pregnant

Face cover of the book

Back cover of the book


Press Reports of the two Programs

Interview  in the

"Sportive Week"

Magazine about the

two Video Programs

Interview in


Magazine about

Karate and the

Video Programs

Report in


Magazine about the Exercises For Pregnant Program

Report in The

"Arabian Video"

Magazine about both

Exercises Programs

Samples of the


for the

Exercises Programs

The program

Exercises for Every One

reproduced on DVD


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