"Come and Train"

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After his success in his Exercises Video Programs; Adnan Tarsha planed to present an exercise program through the Saudi Television. He succeed to do that after a long period of hard work. His exercises program was also the first of its kind in the Saudi Television, and the translation of the title's meaning is: "Come And Train"

The program was very successful and the viewers were following him and training with him through the television screen.

Many viewers have sent letters to him from Saudi Arabia and other countries to thank him and to express about their admiration in his program, and also to inform him that they are training with him and they wait every time for his program to train again with him.


Photos from the first credit of the program


Photos from the second credit of the program


Photos from the third credit of the program


While Shooting Outdoor and Indoor

Instructor Adnan Tarsha performing the exercises and the viewers following up him through the screen

The Explanation Episode


Photos from Different Episodes


Photos from the Segment "The Participant's Letters" of Q&A


Adults Group Training

Group training in the studio, one for adult and one for children; the participants were from the viewers who following up the program through the screen

Children Group Training




The 1st credit: 1:20 The 2nd credit: 0:58 The 3rd credit: 0:31

Group training for kids 2:59

Group training for adults 2:45



Press Reports

News about the Television program "Come And Train" in the Saudi press



Viewers Letters

Samples of the viewer's letters To Adnan Tarsha about his television program

A letter from Saudi Arabia

A letter from Bahrain

A letter from Jordan