Sensei Abdulaziz Adnan Tarsha

Activities History and 50 Man Fight

Full History of various Kyokushin activities since childhood to the success in attainment the achievement of sequent 50 matches fighting

        ΪΡΘάν                                                                                                                                     Kyokushin

Activities History

Abdulaziz Tarsha started learning Kyokushin by his father Shihan Adnan Tarsha since he was 4 years old, and was an assistance to his father in the Kyokushin lessons, and performing the Kyokushin demonstrations in front of the crowd, and was the assistance to his father in performing the difficult and dangerous Kyokushin demonstrations on his body.

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Abdulaziz Tarsha the Kyokushin Child Performing the difficult and dangerous
Kyokushin demonstrations on his body

Performing self defense against weapons
in front of the crowd

Abdulaziz Tarsha continued performing demonstrations in different places as he was growing year after year
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and since his childhood Abdulaziz Tarsha participated in Kyokushin tournaments in more than a country
 1st place in the Lebanon North Championship in 1998 International Self Defense Tournament in 2006
The best technician in the 4th Arabian Kyokushin Championship in Tunisia more The Arab champion in Kata in the 6th Arabian Championship in Beirut

By his father's commission Abdulaziz Tarsha became an instructor to the children since ha was 16 years old in 2006,
also he became a judge and referee in tournaments
an instructor of children Referee Abdulaziz Tarsha and Judges
Referee in the Gulf championship in Bahrain Referee in the Arabian championship in Beirut and got a medal of best referee

Abdulaziz Tarsha participated in his father's different training camps in more than a city


50 Man Fight
for B
lack Belt 4th Dan

Sensei Abdulaziz Tarsha got his black belt 1st Dan in 1998, 2nd Dan in 2003, 3rd Dan in 2007, and after more than 8 years of continuous activities in teaching, demonstrating and refereeing... he performed the requirements of the 4th Dan rank in front of Shihan Adnan Tarsha the branch chief of International Karate Organization Kyokushin-Kaikan, then after a week Shihan Adnan Tarsha organized a special occasion for him on Friday April 24, 2015, to attain the "50 Man Fight" in 50 sequent matches. Sensei Abdulaziz waded this big fighting and was very successful event.

Sensei Abdulaziz Tarsha performing various requirements of Kata, Self Defense made by himself in the examination of Black Belt 4th Dan more

 The Fighting of 50 Matches